About Us

Our Mission is to Empower You…To Monetize Your Vision

FlexiDollars is an advisory website, mentoring individuals who wish to start an online business, a small business website or a blog.

FlexiDollars is managed by a team of experienced digital marketing professionals, with over 15 years of digital marketing experience across a wide range of verticals.

Our mission is to serve the aspiring young digital entrepreneur, as a complete guide on how to start an online business, a small business website or a blog. Team FlexiDollars will provide not only a comprehensive digital marketing framework, but will also research and then recommend a wide spectrum of digital marketing and communication tools, which will empower entrepreneurs with all the necessary knowledge and skills required to transform their fledgling online business into a profitable enterprise.

The website also provides a range of well researched ‘work from home’ opportunities including online tutoring, paid surveys, data entry and other remote work opportunities, which will help enterprising individuals to work to their potential and monetize their special skills and talents.

Here’s what folks have to say about us

BernieTampa, Florida

Scuba diving and underwater photography is what I live for. The Flexidollars website gave me all that I needed to start my very own blog. I am living my dream folks!


The data entry jobs looked just right for a guy like me, who wanted a small side gig. Just 2 hours a day and the extra dollars get me to smile through the month.

PaulaPhoenix, Arizona

This website has an amazing, step-by-step guide on how to build your own website, how to get traffic and how to make money out of it.

PhoebeBoston, MA

I lost my teaching job a few months back. I started teaching English to Chinese kids through Flexidollars. I now do 4 classes every day, sitting at home and I get paid right on time.

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